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SEO Information Dissemination and Services P.J.S. Co (SIDSCO)




SEO Information Dissemination and Services P.J.S. Co (SIDSCO) is established with the approach of "Spread the culture of investing in financial assets" about 12 years ago.




M&T Solutions co.





M&T Solutions organizes International trade fairs and in different ‎exhibitions in numerous countries. A variety of services ‎related to successful participation in trade fairs such as Stand design, brochure design ‎& production, preparation of commercial gifts, trade tours are provided.
Beside organising exhibitions, we offer our clients marketing,management and trade solutions. M&T Solutions, based on the experience of its specialists ‎offers it marketing solutions and is ready to act on your behalf in Market Research ‎and help you with a successful approach to your target markets especially Iraq Market.
A group of specialists in different fields of international marketing & ‎business with an average work experience of 25 years who have ‎served in International's most famous project management & ‎trading companies have mustered their might & set up M & T ‎Solutions company where they offer the best of their potential to ‎the world of international trade.


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